Sherry's Message

Fashion is my passion!  I've always been a girl with a vision.  I see what I want and go out and get it.  When opening Blush Boutique, I didn't know much about running a clothing company but saw an opportunity and ran with it.  I invested my time and money researching and building my brand to make Blush Boutique what it is today while opening stores in Calabasas and Thousand Oaks.  Blush is me, SHERRY! I shop, I sell, I display, I envision and I LOVE IT! I'm constantly thinking of ways to expand and enjoy the process of keeping my business together as I explore new style seasons and take on new challenges.  My customers mean everything to me and lead me in the direction of always wanting to please each and every one. There's nothing better than seeing a girl on the street walk by in a BLUSH ensemble. It makes me smile every time! I'm so grateful to have this wonderful business and look forward to making 2019 the best BLUSH year ever!

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