6 Healthy Habits

The happiest people I know practice these healthy habits...

1. Speak kindly to yourself.
Celebrate who you are with kind and compassionate thoughts.
2. Listen to your body.
Trust yourself and let your body lead you.  Feeling tired... rest a little.  Feeling hungry... nourish.  Feeling energetic... be active.
3. Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want.
Happy people focus on what they want by picturing it in their heads and taking steps to achieve it.
4. Leave yesterday in the past.
Go to bed each night and say to yourself, "Today, I did the best I could and it is enough. Tomorrow, I will do it again." You will feel more grounded and balanced to start fresh again.
5. Align with your purpose and higher power.
Connect to a higher power daily. Whether it's a solid gratitude practice, prayer, meditation, journal writing or focused intent, connect by giving thanks and aligning with love.
6. Do what you want to do, not what you have to do.
Healthy and happy people know the most important thing is how they feel, so naturally, they don't do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, nor do they force anything. If things aren't flowing, go in a new direction. True happiness can only come when we let ourselves do what feels right for us.

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